First Post

OK, I know there are about umpteen other blogs out there called "Robb's Blog", but I couldn't think of anything cleverer. I'd be happy to hear any suggestions.

I plan to use this blog for reports of my evaluations of various (IT) products and whatever else comes to my mind.

At the moment I am evaluating online (also call hosted or web-based or in-the-cloud) invoicing/billing systems and online bug-tracking (also called issue-, problem-, defect- and ticket-tracking) systems.

Soon after I twittered the following:

"dellfalconer is evaluating online billing/invoicing systems."

I got tweets back from:

onlineinvoicing from invooice
Nagendr4mzoho from Zoho
jjriv from Intervals

This indicates a dedication to customer interaction that I find refreshing, so I will try to include the ones I hadn't heard of in my evaluation and have another look at the ones I had heard of.

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  1. Leave it to my brother Bri to put me on to the fact that some of these might have been tweet bots. Just shows me again how naive I am. But I replied to all of them, and some replied back, so I tend to think they're humans. Look for my review in a few weeks. Some developers (I'll tell you who later) have told me they want to implement my suggestions right away. Woohoo! Maybe I'll do an interim report before that.